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Welcome to the
Novice Adult Coed Hockey League (NACHL)

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Week of 08/06/2023


Session 6

   Games have started and we have 6 teams again. The schedule has been updated, and scoresheets for Week 1 games have been posted. Games are open ot the public. If you want to come a nd meet curent players and watch the games - please do so. ;-)

Session 7 (S7) 

   Registration to play in S7 (aka Step 3) is open to current players. Those players who have played in a previous session will be sent a link to register later today (August 9) if they are on the Contact List. If you are a returning player but do not receive a link for S7, please reach out to The Commish.

   Next week, the registration form for S7 will be sent to those who have not yet played but have completed the Step 2 (Registration to play in the NACHL) and have been accepted to play in the league.

   If you are interested in playing in the NACHL, read website especially the rules and guidelines, and if this is the league for you, then start with the EoI (found on the Sign-up Page).

   For Session 7, you will need to have a 2023-2024 USA Hockey membership. (There is a link to register on this page and the Registration page.)

e-mail addresses

   The registration forms that you complete are Google Forms and thus are tied to Gmail accounts. Therefore, the Underhill Hockey Group (UHG) and the NACHL have been using Gmail e-mail addresses; with the creation of this website we now have e-mail addresses using this domain. While the Gmail accounts are still viable, I am working to have e-mails sent from the new e-mail addresses. If you have any questions, the new e-mail address for the league is and the new e-mail address for UHG is If you reach out, please use the new e-mail addresses.

What is a "NACHLer"?

   * So waht is a "NACHLer", and how do you saw it? A NACHLer is someone who playes (or has played) in the NACHL. Once a NACHLer - Always a NACHLer!! I say it "NACK-ler", others say it "NATCH-ler", some say "nack-ULL-urs", and the French probably say something like "nash-el-eers . . . UHN". Bottom line - you are a hockey player, how you say it is not nearly as important as what you are doing.

   They are hockey players who value learning and being a teammate over being competitive. They care about a fallen league mate more than the puck. They are great humans and are valued for being so.

   Thank you for coming, bringing your friends, having fun and building a great community.

Young Hockey Player

The Goals of the NACHL

The goals of the Novice Adult Coed Hockey League (NACHL) are to:

- provide new players the opportunity to learn and play ice hockey against players of similar abilities

- give players the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge so they can graduate and go on to play ice hockey in an adult/ “beer” league.

- promote the ideals of good sporting behavior while enjoying the company of other adults.


All league events take place on Sundays at the Eble Ice Arena in Brookfield.


There will be three weeks of camps to give you an opportunity to build some basics skills and learn some basic concepts.

Team practice

You will have one session to meet your teammates, and then run drills or scrimmage against another team.


There will be six games between the four (maybe more) teams. The last game will be between your first opponent, so you can how much everyone has improved. (2023-05-23)

Learn to play - Play to learn -- HAVE FUN!!

The NACHL Program

The Process

1) Expression of Interest (EoI)

   If you are interested in learning how to and playing ice hockey.

   Before applying, please go to the Guidelines & Rules page and read the league rules.

   If this is the league for you, go to the Signing-up page.

2) Register as a Player with USA Hockey

   You will need to register as a Player with USA Hockey. This will provide you with an insurance policy for any incidence that occurs on the ice. To register click on this link to go to USA Hockey:

   USA Hockey memberships run from April 1 until August 31 of the next year (For example, April 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024.)

3) Notification & Registration

   Links to "Step 2" will be sent out to those individuals who complete the EoI and are eligible.

   Step 2 is the first registration and is a prospective players' registration to play in the NACHL and may be completed at any time, just like the EoI.

   Step 3, the second registration, is for a specific session, for example is "Step 3 for Session 4". This link is sent out to all people who have completed Step 2 and are deemed to be at the appropriate skill level for the NACHL.

   Step 2 and Step 3 are managed through Google Forms. (If anyone has a better platform, please let us know.) Once you are added to the mailing list for a step, there is no easy way for us to remove you from the list. However, there will always be an option for you to ask to:

  1. be moved to the contact list for future sessions or

  2. be removed from the list and not be contacted in the future. (If you select this option but later want to particpate in the league, just start back at the EoI.)

   If someone completes Step 2 before completing the EoI or completes Step 3 before completing Step 2 or the EoI, your registration will be denied and you will be informed that you need to complete the prior step(s). This has happened when a current registrant or player has sent their link to a friend.

   Rosters will have the same number novice skaters, 1 novice goalie and 1 team coordinator.

. . . the next session(s)

   The dates for the future sessions will be posted on the Schedules page once they are confirmed.
   All new/ prospective players need to complete the EoI. Once the EoI is completed, players will be sent the link to complete Step 2 which can be completed at any time.

   Messages will be posted the NACHL Facebook page to alert players when the registration will be open. 

  • In the middles of the current session, current players will be sent Step 3 for the next session.

  • One to two weeks later, players who have patticipated in previous sessions and who are on the contact list will be sent the link to register.

  • A week later, new players who have completed Step 2 and are elgible to play in the NACHL will be sent the link to resigter for the next session.

   As these e-mails are sent out in bulk, so they may end up in your SPAM or Junk folders or not allowed to be received due to your filter settings. Therefore, if you add to your contacts, this should allow e-mails to be received. Also, watch the Facebook page for notifications. If you are expecting the registration link and do not see it in your Inbox, please check the junk or SPAM folders. Then, if you do not see the e-mail, please contact the commissioner via e-mail or PM on Facebook.

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