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NACHL Guidelines & Rules & FAQs

Players should familiarize themselves with the documents herein.

NACHL-specific documents

Register with USAH

   You will need to register as a Player with USA Hockey. This will provide you with an insurance policy for any incidence that occurs on the ice. To register clink on the button below or this link to go to USA Hockey:

NACHL Guidelines & Rules

   Here are the Guidelines and the Rules for the NACHL. Each player is responsible for reading and following the rules. (2021-12-30b)

NACHL Guidelines & Rules Amendment

  This document contains changes to the rules for the NACHL. (2022-06-04)

No Fighting & No Taunting Policy

   This document is a more detailed explanation of the expectations related to no fighting and no taunting.

USAH Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play, and Respect (2019)

   Players are expected to read and be prepared to adhere to the guidelines in this document.

NOTE: This is a "No Checking" league, therefore what is presented as a legal check will be considered as a penalty.

Uploaded: 2022-01-09

Health Policy

   This policy presents the health policy for the NACHL.

Player Rating System (PRS)

   This document outlines the 10 different levels that will be used for players in the NACHL. Please review it to understand the differences between player rankings.

Team Coordinator Guidelines

   This document provides the expectations and restrictions for those who will be in the Team Coordinator role.  (2021-12-30b)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

   This document has some of the questions that have been asked so far.

When you are ready to express your interest 

Go to the Signing up page.

Submit a question

   If you have a question that is not addressed in the other documents, please submit it by clicking on the link below.

Hockey rules information

USA Hockey Mobile Rulebook app

   USA Hockey has apps for iOS and Android phones. To go to the USA Hockey website to download the app click on the button below.

Hockey Rules & Penalties Guides

   Here is a guide to the rules of hockey and the penalties that can be assessed.

Referee Signals

   Here is a file with the signals that referees use during a game.

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