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   The NACHO (Not Another Cheesy Hockey Outing) is a draft-style tournament to be held in the middle of August, between the Summer and Winter leagues.

   The goal is to bring players together at the end of the summer to have fun, meet other players and make new friends.

   Spouses will be put on the same team (if they wish), and you may ask to be put on a team with another player (aka “buddy sign-up”, but we can’t promise that this will be accommodated) the captain who selects one buddy is not obligated to take the other buddy.

   The tournament is for adults over the age of 21.

   Teams are guaranteed 3 games.

   Players register and rate themselves so they can be drafted onto a team so they can meet other players from other teams.

For more information about the upcoming tournament click the link below.

For questions not addressed on this page or the current tournament page,

you can reach out to the Tournament Director at

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